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Searching Excel Help
size of its text. The Show Table of Contents button opens a pane on the left side of the
Help window that shows the Table of Contents for Excel Help. You can use the Table
of Contents for Excel Help to navigate through the contents of Excel Help much as you
would use the Table of Contents in a book to search for a topic. The Not On Top button
is an example of a toggle button, which is a button that can be switched back and forth
between two states. It determines how the Excel Help window behaves relative to other
windows. When clicked, the Not On Top button changes to Keep On Top. In this state,
it does not allow other windows from Excel or other programs to cover the Excel Help
window when those windows are the active windows. When in the Not On Top state, the
button allows other windows to be opened or moved on top of the Excel Help window.
You can customize the size and placement of the Help window. Resize the window
using the Maximize and Restore buttons, or by dragging the window to a desired size.
Relocate the Help window by dragging the title bar to a new location on the screen.
Searching Excel Help
Once the Excel Help window is open, several methods exist for navigating Excel Help. You
can search for help by using any of the three following methods from the Help window:
1. Enter search text in the ‘Type words to search for’ text box
2. Click the links in the Help window
3. Use the Table of Contents
To Obtain Help Using the Type Words to Search for Text Box
Assume for the following example that you want to know more about watermarks. The following steps use
the ‘Type words to search for’ text box to obtain useful information about watermarks by entering the phrase,
conditional formatting, as search text. The steps also navigate in the Excel Help window.
Type conditional formatting
in the ‘Type words to search for’
text box at the top of the Excel
Help window.
search text
entered in
text box
Search button
All Excel
Click the Search button arrow
to display the Search menu.
If it is not selected already, click
All Excel on the Search menu to
select the command. If All Excel is
already selected, click the Search
button arrow again to close the
Search menu.
Why select All Excel on the
Search menu?
Selecting All Excel on the Search
menu ensures that Excel Help
will search all possible sources for
information on your search term.
It will produce the most complete
search results.
Search menu
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