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Searching Excel Help
Click the Search button to display
the search results (Figure C–7).
Why do my results differ?
If you do not have an Internet
connection, your results will
refl ect only the content of the
Help fi les on your computer.
When searching for help online,
results also can change as material
is added, deleted, and updated
on the online Help Web pages
maintained by Microsoft.
search results
are displayed
icon indicates
link to help fi le
help link to
be selected
Why were my search results not
very helpful?
When initiating a search, keep
in mind to check the spelling of
the search text; and to keep your
search very specifi c, with fewer
than seven words, to return the
most accurate results.
location of help
document in
Excel Help index
Figure C–7
Click the ‘Add, change, or clear
conditional formats’ link to open
the Help document associated
with the link in the Help window
(Figure C–8).
selected Help
document is displayed
in Excel Help window
Figure C–8
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