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In Depth Information
To Obtain Help Using the Help Links
Click the Home
button on the
taskbar to clear the
search results and
redisplay the Excel
Help home page
(Figure C–9).
Home button
contents of Excel
Help home page
Excel Help
to be clicked
Figure C–9
To Obtain Help Using the Help Links
If your topic of interest is listed in the Browse Excel Help area, you can click the link to begin browsing Excel
Help categories instead of entering search text. You browse Excel Help just like you would browse a Web site. If you
know in which category to fi nd your Help information, you may wish to use these links. The following steps fi nd the
Add, change, or clear conditional formats Help information using the category link from the Excel Help home page.
Click the ‘Filtering,
sorting, and condi-
tionally formatting
data’ link to open
the Filtering, sort-
ing, and condition-
ally formatting data
selected Help
document displayed in
Excel Help window
Show All link
Click the ‘Add,
change, or clear
conditional formats’
link to open the
Help document asso-
ciated with the link
(Figure C–10).
Figure C–10
What does the Show
All link do?
In many Help documents, additional information about terms and features is available by clicking a link in the document
to display additional information in the Help document. Clicking the Show All link opens all the links in the Help
document that expand to additional text.
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