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Customizing the Excel Window
Comparing the three Ribbons, notice changes in content and layout of the groups
and galleries. In some cases, the content of a group is the same in each resolution, but
the layout of the group differs. For example, the same buttons appear in the Font and
Paragraph groups in the three resolutions, but the layouts differ. The buttons are dis-
played in three rows at the 800
600 resolution, and in two rows in the 1024
768 and
1024 resolutions. In other cases, the content and layout are the same across the
resolution, but the level of detail differs with the resolution. In the Clipboard group, when
the resolution increases to 1280
1024, the names of all the buttons in the group appear
in addition to the buttons themselves. At the lower resolution, only the buttons appear.
Changing resolutions also can result in fewer commands being visible in a group.
Comparing the Editing groups, notice that the group at the 800
600 resolution consists
of an Editing button, while at the higher resolutions, the group has three buttons vis-
ible. The commands that are available on the Ribbon at the higher resolutions must be
accessed using the Editing button at the 800
600 resolution.
Changing resolutions results in different amounts of detail being available at one
time in the galleries on the Ribbon. The Styles gallery in the three resolutions presented
show different numbers of styles. At 800
600, you can scroll through the gallery three
styles at a time, at 1024
768, you can scroll through the gallery four styles at a time, and
at 1280
1024, you can scroll through the gallery six styles at a time.
Customizing the Excel Window
When working in Excel, you may want to make your working area as large as possible.
One option is to minimize the Ribbon. You also can modify the characteristics of the
Quick Access Toolbar, customizing the toolbar’s commands and location to better suit
your needs.
To Minimize the Ribbon in Excel
The following steps minimize the Ribbon.
Quick Access
Toolbar button
Start Excel.
Maximize the Excel window, if
Click the Customize Quick Access
Toolbar button on the Quick
Access Toolbar to display the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar
menu (Figure E–7).
Quick Access
Toolbar menu
Minimize the
Ribbon command
Figure E–7
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