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To Center Cell Entries across Columns by Merging Cells
Click the Merge & Center button
on the Ribbon to merge cells A1
through G1 and center the contents of
cell A1 across columns A through G
(Figure 1–59).
What happened to cells B1
through G1?
After the merge, cells B1 through G1
no longer exist. Cell A1 now extends
across columns A through G.
formats assigned
to active cell A1
Merge & Center
A1 is
active cell
cells A1 through
G1 merged to
create new cell A1
heavy border
indicates new
of cell A1
entry in cell
A1 centered
across columns
A through G
Figure 1–59
Repeat Steps 1 and 2
to merge and center
the worksheet subtitle
across cells A2 through
G2 (Figure 1–60).
A2 is
active cell
Are cells B1 through
G1 and B2 through G2
lost forever?
No. The opposite of
merging cells is split-
ting a merged cell .
After you have merged
multiple cells to create
one merged cell, you
can unmerge, or split,
the merged cell to
display the original cells
on the worksheet. You
split a merged cell by
selecting it and clicking the Merge & Center button. For example, if you click the Merge &
Center button a second time in Step 2, it will split the merged cell A1 to cells A1, B1, C1, D1,
E1, F1, and G1.
cells A2 through
G2 merged to
create new cell A2
entry in cell
A2 centered
across columns
A through G
Figure 1–60
Other Ways
1. Right-click selection, click
Merge & Center button on
Mini toolbar
2. Right-click selection, click
Format Cells on shortcut
menu, click Alignment
tab, select Center Across
Selection in Horizontal list,
click OK button
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