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APPENDIX F Steps for the Windows XP User
Appendix F
Steps for the
Windows XP User
For the XP User of this Book
For most tasks, no differences exist between using Excel under the Windows Vista operating system
and using Excel under the Windows XP operating system. With some tasks, however, you will see
some differences, or need to complete the tasks using different steps. This appendix shows how to Start
Excel, Save a Workbook, Open a Workbook, and Insert a Picture while using Microsoft Offi ce under
Windows XP. The tasks can be accomplished in other Offi ce programs in a similar fashion.
To Start Excel
The following steps, which assume Windows is running, start Excel based on a typical installation. You may
need to ask your instructor how to start Excel for your computer.
Click the Start button on the
Windows taskbar to display the
Start menu.
Point to All Programs on the Start
menu to display the All Programs
Point to Microsoft Offi ce on the All
Programs submenu to display the
Microsoft Offi ce submenu
(Figure F–1).
All Programs
Microsoft Offi ce
Offi ce Excel
2007 command
Offi ce
Start button
All Programs
Windows displays
commands on the
Start menu above
the Start button
Figure F–1
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