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Printing a Worksheet
With your USB fl ash drive connected
to one of the computer’s USB ports,
click the Save button on the Quick
Access Toolbar to overwrite the
previous Walk and Rock Music
1st Quarter Sales fi le on the USB
fl ash drive (Figure 1–85).
Why did the Save As dialog box
not appear?
Excel overwrites the document
using the settings specifi ed the
fi rst time the document was saved.
To save the fi le with a different
fi le name or on different media,
display the Save As dialog box by
clicking the Offi ce Button and then
clicking Save As on the Offi ce
Button menu. Then, fi ll in the
Save As dialog box as described in
Steps 2 through 5 on pages EX 31
and EX 32.
Excel saves workbook
with same fi le name,
Walk and Rock Music
1 st Quarter Sales
Figure 1–85
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL+S or press
SHIFT+F12, press ENTER
Printing a Worksheet
After you create a worksheet, you often want to print it. A printed version of the worksheet
is called a hard copy or printout . Printed copies of your worksheet can be useful for the
following reasons:
• Many people prefer proofreading a hard copy of the worksheet rather than viewing
the worksheet on the screen to check for errors and readability.
• Someone without computer access can view the worksheet’s content.
• Copies can be distributed as handouts to people during a meeting or presentation.
• Hard copies can serve as reference material if your storage medium is lost or
becomes corrupted and you need to recreate the worksheet.
It is a good practice to save a workbook before printing it, in the event you experi-
ence diffi culties with the printer.
Conserving Ink
and Toner
You can print a
presentation in black and
white to conserve ink
or toner by clicking the
Offi ce Button, pointing
to Print on the Offi ce
Button menu, and then
clicking Print Preview on
the Print submenu. Click
the Page Setup button
on the Print Preview tab,
click the Sheet tab, and
then click the Black and
White check box in the
Print area. Click the OK
button to close the Page
Setup dialog box. Click
the Offi ce Button, point
to Print, and then click
Quick Print.
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