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Starting Excel and Opening a Workbook
Starting Excel and Opening a Workbook
Print Preview
You can preview the
printout on your screen
using the Print Preview
command on the Print
submenu (Figure 1–86
on page EX 58), make
adjustments to the
worksheet, and then
print it only when it
appears exactly as you
want. Each time you
preview rather than
print, you save both ink
and paper.
Once you have created and saved a workbook, you may need to retrieve it from your
storage medium. For example, you might want to revise a worksheet or reprint it. Opening
a workbook requires that Excel is running on your computer.
To Start Excel
The following steps, which assume Windows Vista is running, start Excel.
Note: If you are using Windows XP, please see Appendix F for alternate steps.
1 Click the Start button on the Windows Vista taskbar to display the Start menu.
2 Click All Programs at the bottom of the left pane on the Start menu to display the All
Programs list and then click Microsoft Offi ce in the All Programs list to display the Microsoft
Offi ce list.
3 Click Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007 in the Microsoft Offi ce list to start Excel and display a new
blank worksheet in the Excel window.
4 If the Excel window is not maximized, click the Maximize button on its title bar to maximize
the window.
To Open a Workbook from Excel
Earlier in this chapter, the workbook was saved on a USB fl ash drive using the fi le name, Walk and Rock Music
1st Quarter Sales. The following steps open the Walk and Rock Music 1st Quarter Sales fi le from the USB fl ash drive.
Offi ce Button
blank Book1 opened in
Microsoft Excel window
With your USB fl ash drive connected
to one of the computer’s USB ports,
click the Offi ce Button to display
the Offi ce Button menu
(Figure 1–89).
What fi les are shown in the Recent
Documents list?
Excel displays the most recently
opened document
fi le names in this
list. If the name of
the fi le you want
to open appears in the Recent
Documents list, you could
double-click it to open the fi le.
Recent Documents
list displays names
of recently opened
Excel fi les
Offi ce Button
Figure 1–89
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