Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Starting Excel and Opening a Workbook
Click Open on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Open
dialog box.
dialog box
Address bar shows
USB fl ash drive as
selected device
If the Folders list is displayed below
the Folders button, click the Folders
button to remove the Folders list.
If necessary, click Computer in the
Favorite Links section and then
scroll until UDISK 2.0 (E:) appears in
the list of available drives.
selected fi le
File list shows fi les
on USB fl ash drive
(your list may differ)
Double-click UDISK 2.0 (E:) to select
the USB fl ash drive, Drive E in this
case, as the new open location.
Click Walk and Rock Music
1st Quarter Sales to select the fi le
name (Figure 1–90).
Folders button is a
toggle that causes
Folders list to appear
or disappear each
time you click it
How do I open the fi le if I am not
using a USB fl ash drive?
Use the same process, but be
certain to select your device in the
Computer list.
Figure 1–90
title of saved workbook
is displayed on title bar
Click the Open button to open
the selected fi le and display the
worksheet in the Excel window
(Figure 1–91).
Why do I see the Microsoft Excel
icon and name on the Windows
Vista taskbar?
When you open an Excel fi le, the
application name (Microsoft Excel)
is displayed on a selected button on
the Windows Vista taskbar. If you
point to this button, the fi le name
also appears in a ScreenTip.
Microsoft Excel program
button is displayed on
Windows Vista taskbar
Other Ways
1. Click Offi ce Button,
double-click fi le
name in Recent
Documents list
2. Press CTRL+O, select fi le
name, press ENTER
Figure 1–91
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