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Figure 5.7
BIN2OCT converts a
binary number to an
octal. The binary
number cannot be more
than 10 characters.
Use the COMPLEX function to convert real and imaginar y coefficients into a complex number of
the form x + yi or x + yj .
The COMPLEX function is found only if the Analysis Toolpak is installed. In addition it must be
turned on in the Add-Ins from the Tools menu. Lowercase “i” and “j” must be used for the
suffix argument in order for the function to work. In addition the suffixes must match. Notice
the example in Figure 5.8, where the Real Imaginar y Coefficient is 3 and the Imaginar y
Coefficient is 4, the result is 3+4i.
The real coefficient of the complex number.
The imaginar y coefficient of the complex number.
The suffix for the imaginar y component. If omitted, it’s assumed
to be “i.”
Figure 5.8
Converts real and
imaginary coefficients
into a complex number.
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