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Figure 5.35
Returns the sum of two
complex numbers x+yi
or x+yj in text format.
Converts an octal number to binar y with the OCT2BIN function.
The OCT2BIN function is found only if the Analysis Toolpak is installed. In addition it must be
turned on in the Add-Ins from the Tools menu. The number cannot be more than 10
characters. The sign bit being the most significant, the remaining 29 bits are magnitude bits.
Negatives are represented using Two’s complement notation. Notice the example in Figure
5.36. Where the Binar y Number is 10000010 and the Places is 3, the conversion to a Octal
results in 202, and the conversion back to the binar y results in 10000010.
The number in which to convert. If the number is negative it
ignores the places and returns 10-character binar y. The number
cannot be greater than 777 and less than or equal to 7777777000.
The number of characters to use.
Figure 5.36
Converts an octal
number to binary number.
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