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Figure 6.39
For a treasury bill,
returns the yield.
VDB For a period you specify, VDB returns the depreciation of an asset.
The VDB function is the variable declining balance method of depreciation and returns the
depreciation of an asset for a full or partial period that you specify. Notice Figure 6.40 where
the cost of the asset is $50,000, the salvage value of the asset is $14,000, and the life is for 10
years or 120 periods. The start period is for period 1 through the end period of 12 (the first
year) and the factor assumes 2 because it’s omitted. The no switch is omitted and assumes
the staight-line method. This produces a first year result of $3,300.
The asset’s initial cost.
The value at the end of the useful life of the asset.
The number of periods over which the asset will be depreciated.
The start period for which you want the depreciation calculated.
The end period for which you want the depreciation calculated.
The rate the balance declines. If omitted, it is assumed to be 2
(double-declining balance method).
When True, the formula uses the double-declining balance. When
False or omitted, it switches to straight-line depreciation.
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