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The ISNUMBER function can be combined with cell references to return a text result based on
whether a number meets the criteria of the number specified in the formula. Notice the
example in Figure 7.6.
This is the cell or range you want tested.
ISNUMBER criteria
Figure 7.6
Combine the
ISNUMBER function
with the IF function
to return results
based on whether
the criteria is met.
If True, the result
N N returns the value converted to a number.
The N function converts values listed in Table 7.5. This function is generally not needed by
Excel and is provided primarily for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.
This is the value you want converted.
The values in the following table show the values and the return results based on the VALUE
Table 7.5
N Conversion Values
The Value Refers to…
Returns the Result
A number
The number
A date from built-in date formats
The serial number of that date
Anything Else
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