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INDEX (Array Form)
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Figure 9.4
function can be used
to create main pages
in your workbooks
that enable you to
navigate through
large workbooks—
similar to a portal
site on the Web.
INDEX (Array Form)
Based on a table or array, INDEX (Array Form) returns the value of an element selected by
the row number and column letter indexes.
The INDEX function in the form of an array allows you to expand the flexibility of the array
function by specifying a row number and column number over several rows and columns, as
you should notice in the examples in Figure 9.5.
This is the range of cells or the array constant in the formula.
Specifies the row within the array in which to return the value from.
The first example:
=INDEX(C10:E20,2,3) results in $4,021 because it is the second row and the third column
over in the table array.
The second example:
=INDEX(C10:E20,5,1) results in 5 because it is the fifth row down in the first column of
the range or table array.
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