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INDEX (Reference Form)
The reference to cell ranges. You can use one or more.
The number of the row within the reference for which to return the
The number of the column within the reference from which to return
the reference.
This is the range within the reference for which to return a result
from a specified range. For example, 1 may refer to the first range
and 2 would refer to the second, and so on.
Figure 9.6
The INDEX function
in the reference form
returns the reference or
value of two intersecting
Index match
Index with form control
Because the INDEX and MATCH functions are so critical and useful, Figure 9.7 shows the
importance of these functions. As you see in the figure, the INDEX function is combined with the
nested MATCH function performed over another list. Based on a lookup value such as an ISBN
number or any number that identifies a product in a list over a range, you can look up
numbers or text. Notice how the ISBN identifier returns the text value of the product title
highlighted in the list. Take a look at what this formula might look like:
Where D10:E25 is the table range.
Where D8,D10:D25 references the first match of 7407 in the ISBN range.
Where Title,D10:E10 references the word title from the range of title range.
The formula returns the text result of the title.
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