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LOOKUP (Array Form)
Figure 9.8
The INDIRECT function
returns the value from
an independent text
reference pointing to
another reference.
Defined as a
cell reference
Defined as a
name range
LOOKUP (Array Form)
LOOKUP (Array Form) looks in the first row or column of an array, and returns the specified
value from the same position in the last row or column of the array.
The LOOKUP function Array Form differs from the Vector Form in that the Vector Form looks
up the value in the first row or column, and the Array Form allows you to specify the location
of the lookup value. Notice that in Figure 9.9, the LOOKUP value is outside the array in the
formula and can be referenced as text shown in the first example, or as a cell reference as
shown in the second, third, and fourth examples.
This is the value LOOKUP searches for in the first vector.
The range that contains only one row or column.
LOOKUP value as text
Figure 9.9
The LOOKUP function
as an array can be
used as a text
reference or cell reference.
LOOKUP value as
cell reference
Array ranges
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