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ODD The ODD function returns number rounded up away from zero to the nearest odd integer.
If number is an odd integer, no rounding occurs. If the number in A1 is 0.1, then =ODD(A1)
returns 1. If the number in A1 is 3.1, then =ODD(A1) returns 5.
The NUMBER argument is the value to round.
The PERMUT function returns the number of permutations for a certain number of objects that
can be selected from number objects.
The PERMUT function operates on the subset of the whole, where the order of the subset is of
importance. Notice the example in Figure 10.17. There are 9 players on a baseball team. If the
pitcher is excluded, what is the number of ways to arrange the first 5 positions in the batter
order? The result is 6,720.
The integer that describes the number of the total set.
The number of objects in the permutation.
Figure 10.17
Use the PERMUT
function to find the number
in order of a subset of
the whole.
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