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TAN The TAN function returns the tangent of the given angle.
As with all normal trigonometric functions in Excel, you can convert the result from radians
to degrees by multiplying it by 180/PI().
Notice the example of TAN function shown in Figure 10.28 at the bottom of the figure. The
angle of a is 56 degrees and the measurement from the sur vey point is 145 feet. What is the
height of the tower? The result is 214.97 ft.
Figure 10.28
The TAN function can
be used in survey
measurements along with
RADIANS to return
results that are not
directly measurable.
TAN The TANH function returns the hyperbolic tangent of a number.
TANH(n) is equivalent to (EXP(n)-EXP(-n))/(EXP(n)+EXP(-n)) .
For example: TANH(2) equals 0.9640 .
The NUMBER argument is any real number.
The TRUNC function truncates a number to an integer by removing the fractional part of the
=TRUNC(number, digits)
You also can use the INT function. TRUNC and INT operate the same for positive numbers. With
negative numbers INT rounds away from zero and TRUNC rounds toward zero.
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