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The equation for the FISHERINV transformation is
FORECAST calculates or predicts a future value by using existing values.
Use the FORECAST function when you want to predict a value based on the trend of the
existing or known data. Figure 11.16 shows a forecast for the next year, based on sales from the
past three years.
The data point of the value you want to predict.
The known values for the known data points; the dependent variable.
The known data points—typically increments of time (years, quarters,
months); the independent variable.
Figure 11.16
FORECAST can only
predict one future
value. See the TREND
function to predict
more than one value.
The predicted value
FREQUENCY calculates how often values occur within a range of values, and then returns a
vertical array of numbers.
Figure 11.17 shows the FREQUENCY function used to count how the number of test scores that
fall within ranges of scores. Because this function returns an array:
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