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Figure 11.18
The FTEST function
calculates the
probability that the variances
in the two data sets
are not significantly
GAMMADIST returns the gamma distribution.
The GAMMADIST function is used to study variables that have a skewed distribution. For example,
GAMMADIST(12,7,3,FALSE) results in 0.034731878 and GAMMADIST(12,7,3,TRUE) results in
0.110673977 .
Is the value at which you want to evaluate the distribution; must be
greater than zero (0).
A parameter to the distribution.
A parameter to the distribution. If beta equals one, the standard gamma
distribution is returned.
Is a logical value that determines the form of the function. If TRUE, the
cumulative distribution function is returned. If FALSE, the probability
mass function is returned.
The equation for the gamma distribution is
The equation for the standard gamma distribution is
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