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Figure 11.20
You must select the
range where the results
are to appear before
you begin the GROWTH
HARMEAN returns the harmonic mean of a data set.
The harmonic mean is the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of reciprocals. The harmonic
mean is always less than the geometric mean and arithmetic mean.
Up to 30 arguments can be specified, including cell references or an
array. Each number in the data set must be positive.
The equation for the harmonic mean is
If the data set is {5.50,6.00,6.25,5.75,6.00,7.00,7.25,7.00,7.5} the
arithmetic mean is 6.47.
geometric mean is 6.44.
harmonic mean is 6.40.
HYPGEOMDIST returns the hypergeometric distribution.
The HYPGEOMDIST function returns the probability of a given number of sample successes, and
is used when the population size is finite. Each obser vation is either a success or failure.
Figure 11.21 shows an example of the HYPGEOMDIST function.
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