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Figure 11.24
The LINEST results in
both the slope (M) of
the straight line and
y-intercept (b) that fits
the data.
Table 11.1
Regression Statistics Returned When STATS Argument Is TRUE
se 1 ,se 2 ,...,se n
The standard error values for the coefficients m 1 ,m 2 ,...,m n .
se b
The standard error value for the constant b (se b = #N/A when const is FALSE).
r 2
The coefficient of determination. Compares estimated and actual y-values, and
ranges in value from 0 to 1. The closer r 2 is to 1, the more correlation there is
between the estimated y-value and the actual y-value. If r 2 is 0, the regression
equation is not helpful in predicting a y-value.
se y
The standard error for the y estimate.
The F statistic, or the F-obser ved value. Use the F statistic to determine whether
the obser ved relationship between the dependent (y) and independent (x) variables
occurs by chance.
The degrees of freedom. Use the degrees of freedom to help you find F-critical
values in a statistical table. Compare the values you find in the table to the F
statistic returned by LINEST to determine a confidence level for the model.
ss reg
The regression sum of squares.
ss resid
The residual sum of squares.
LOGEST calculates an exponential cur ve that fits your data and returns an array of values that
describes the cur ve.
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