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Use MODE function when you need to know which value occurs most frequently in a data set.
If each value is unique, there is no mode and the error #NA is returned. If two or more values
occur with the same frequency, Excel returns the item with the smallest value regardless of the
order in which it encounters the values in the data set. Figure 11.29 shows an example of MODE .
Is the cell reference(s), range name, or array that makes up the data set.
Up to 30 arguments (unique data sets) can be specified.
Figure 11.29
MODE does not return
all values when more
than one value occurs
the same number of
NEGBINOMDIST returns the negative binomial distribution.
The NEGBINOMDIST returns the probability that there will be number_f failures before the
number_s-th success, when the constant probability of a success is probability_s . With this
function, the number of successes is fixed and the number of trials is variable (see Figure 11.30).
Is the number of failures.
Is the threshold number of successes.
Is the probability of success.
The equation for NEGBINOMDIST is
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