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Figure 11.48
The STEYX function is
used in regression
TDIST returnsthe t-distribution.
The TDIST function is similar to the normal distribution (bell-shaped) cur ve, except that it is
typically used when the sample size is small (less than 30) and the standard deviation is not
known. Like the standard normal distribution the mean of the t-distribution is zero (0). Figure
11.49 shows an example of a TDIST function. If you know the probability you want to achieve,
use the TINV function instead.
X Is the numeric value at which to evaluate the distribution.
DEGREES_FREEDOM Is the integer number for the degrees of freedom.
Is an indication whether to return a one-tailed distribution or
two-tailed distribution.
Figure 11.49
The t-distribution
( TDIST ) is sometimes
called Student’s
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