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Figure 11.50
The trendline can be
plotted on an Excel
chart, with or without
first generating the
values with the TREND
TRIMMEAN returns the mean of the interior of a data set.
The TRIMMEAN function is used when you want to exclude data points from the top and bottom
of the data set, for example when the data set contains unusually high or low values which
skew the mean. In Figure 11.51, the percent argument is 15% and the data set contains 50
values; 15% of 50 is 7.5. The TRIMMEAN function rounds down to the nearest multiple of 2. In this
example, it will trim three values from the top and three from the bottom.
Is the data set, which can be cell references, arrays, or range names.
Is the fractional number of data points to exclude from the calculation.
Figure 11.51
Because values are
trimmed from the data
set, the TRIMMEAN
will vary from the
arithmetic mean
The array is the
list of amounts
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