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Figure 11.54
The entry for Alaska is
None and is ignored by
the VARP function, but
picked up by the
VARPA function.
VARPA calculates variance based on the entire population. In addition to numbers, text, and
logical values such as TRUE and FALSE are included in the calculation.
Refer to Figure 11.54 for a comparison of VARP and VARPA .
Is the cell reference(s), range name, text representations of numbers,
array, or logical values that makes up the data set. Up to 30 arguments
can be specified.
WEIBULL returns the Weibull distribution.
The WEIBULL function is used in reliability testing, such as calculating an equipment’s average
time to failure, shown in Figure 11.55.
Is the value at which to evaluate the function.
Is a parameter to the distribution.
Is a parameter to the distribution.
Is a logical value that indicates which form of the exponential
function to provide. If TRUE, then WEIBULL returns the cumulative
distribution function. If FALSE, then WEIBULL returns the probability
density function.
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