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ASC =ASC(text)
The ASC function changes full-width double-byte characters to half-width single-byte characters.
When using the different language packs in Excel 2000, you have to use this function to change
full-width double-byte characters back to half-width regular English letters or Katakana. See
also, JIS function. For example: ASC(“EXCEL”) = EXCEL. Also notice the example for Japanese
characters using the JIS function later in this chapter.
This is text or cell reference that contains the text that you want to change
from full-width double-byte characters to regular half-byte English letters or
CHA CHAR returns the character specified by a number.
The CHAR function returns the character set specified by a number. The character set is a
set of characters from the ANSI character set for either the Windows or Macintosh
character sets. You can use the CHAR function to translate code page numbers from other types of
computers into characters. Figure 12.1 shows the CHAR function in use. The characters in
the figure are in groups. For example, the alphabet character set falls within the number
range of 65 to 90.
This number is from the character set used by the computer. It’s a
number between 1 and 255.
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