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Figure 12.1
The CHAR function
returns the character
corresponding to
the number from the
ANSI character set or
Macintosh character set.
Character set
CLEAN removes all nonprintable characters from text.
The CLEAN function removes all nonprintable characters from the text. For example,
=CLEAN(char(1) &”TEXT”& char(1)) will return the result of “Text.” Let’s say you had to
download yearly corporate data from a mainframe computer and the characters appear as follows:
If cell A1 contains Yearly Corporate Project 1998 Analysis Sur vey
then =CLEAN(A1) will return Yearly Corporate Project 1998 Analysis Sur vey.
The text is any nonprintable character you want to remove from a cell.
COD Use the CODE function to return a numeric code from the first character in a text string.
The CODE function does the opposite of the CHAR function. It uses both the Windows ANSI
character set and the Macintosh character set. (For additional details, see the CHAR function
earlier in this chapter.)
For example, =Code(“A”) returns the result of 65, because 65 is the computer’s numeric code
for the “A” character.
This is the text that returns the character number.
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