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Join several text strings into one text string by using CONCATENATE .
The CONCATENATE function is another one of the useful functions you’ll find in Excel.
CONCATENATE can be used to join text in several forms. Using this function by itself joins a city
and state as shown in the first example in Figure 12.2, however, you also can place characters
in between the adjoined text by inserting open and close quotes. The characters or text can
include spacing, dashes, commas, numbers, other functions, and so on. Notice some of the
different ways the CONCATENATE function can join text in separate cells. You can also use the
ampersand “&” as shown in Figure 12.2.
Text is the text to be joined. You can join from 1 to 30 items
per cell.
TEXT 1, TEXT 2,...
Figure 12.2
function allows you to
join text from separate
cells into the same cell.
Straight function
Add characters
and spacing
DOLLAR converts a number to text using Currency format, with the decimals rounded to the
specified place.
The DOLLAR function converts numbers to currency.
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