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Figure 12.3
The EXACT function tests
two sets of information
and displays a logical
value of TRUE or FALSE
depending on whether
the information is equal.
Used with cell
Used with the
OR function
FIN FIND locates one text string with another text string, and returns the number of the starting
position of find_text , from the leftmost character of within_text .
The FIND function locates one text string with another and returns the numeric position of
the text string.
The find_text is the text you want to locate or find.
The within_text refers to the text string your looking within.
The start_num refers to the number from left to right. For
example, Patrick where the “a” character would be 2 as the
start_num .
For example:
=FIND(“W”,”Wally Bill”) results in 1.
=FIND(“a”,”Wally Bill”) results in 2.
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