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What if you had a cell that contained the names of people and the city and state they lived in.
You could combine the FIND function with the MID function to extract a text string. Take a
look at Figure 12.4. The formula =Mid(C6,1,Find(“ “,C6,1)-1) results in the extraction of
the first word, which in this case is a name in the cell, regardless of the length of the first
name. See entries in this chapter for LEN and MID for additional details.
Figure 12.4
The FIND function
combined with the MID
function can extract
text strings in cells
regardless of the
string length.
First name extraction
The FIXED function rounds a number to a specified number of decimals, formats the number
in decimal format using a period and commas, and returns the result as text.
The FIXED function can round numbers in a cell. You can use the FIXED function with text in
the function or with cell referencing. Use the FIXED function to round numbers to decimals,
hundreds, and thousands. You should notice that the examples in Figure 12.5 round a
number to decimals, tens, hundreds, and thousands using the FIXED function.
The number refers to the number you want to round or convert to text.
The decimals refer to the number of decimal places to the right.
The no commas is a logical result in that if True, it prevents the
function from including any commas in the text returned result.
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