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Figure 12.5
Use the FIXED
function to round
numbers in a cell.
Number cell
To the
decimal place
JIS The JIS function changes half-width single-byte characters to regular English letters.
When using the different language packs in Excel 2000, you’ll have to use this function to
change half-width characters back to regular English letters or Katakana. For example:
JIS(“EXCEL”) = EXCEL . Also notice the example for Japanese characters using the JIS
function in the following equation.
This is text or cell reference that contains the text that you want to change
to regular English letters or Katakana.
LEF Return the first character or characters in a text string with the LEFT function.
The LEFT function returns the text string up to the number in the number character.
This is the text string or word that contains the characters you want to extract.
This is the number (greater than zero) of characters you want to extract
starting from the left.
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