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PROPER capitalizes the first letter of each word in a text string or sentence.
The PROPER function is another cleaning tool function. It places initial caps on each word
within the text string specified in the formula, or text within a cell if you are using cell
referencing. The result of =PROPER(“PATRICK”) would be Patrick. Notice that the example in
Figure 12.9, used with cell referencing on lists, can quickly clean up the list.
The text is the text in the text string, word, or sentence to convert to
proper. Meaning, the first character is capitalized in each word.
PROPER on one word
Figure 12.9
The PROPER function
creates text with initial
PROPER on several text strings in a cell
Use the REPLACE function to replace part of a text string with a different text string based on
the number of characters you specify.
The REPLACE function can be used on a list as a cell reference or with text in the formula.
This is the old text you want to replace with new characters.
This is the number of characters in starting position.
This is the number of characters to replace within the text string.
This is the new text starting with the start number and number of
characters that will replace the old text.
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