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Extracts the last 5
right characters
Figure 12.10
The RIGHT function in
conjunction with the
LEN and FIND functions
can be used to extract
the rightmost words.
Formula extracts last text
string of characters
The SEARCH function returns the number of the character at which a specific character or text
string is first found, reading from left to right.
The SEARCH function finds the character within a text string and counts how many places over from
left to right based on the start number. For example, the formula =SEARCH(“e”,”Builders”,1)
would result in 6. Meaning e is the sixth character to the right starting from the first character.
This is the text you’re looking for or want to find. The wildcard
characters can be used to find a specific character using the (?)
and a string of characters using the (*).
This is the text you’re looking for. It can be included in the formula or
referred to using cell referencing.
The number of characters starting from left to right you want to
include in the search.
Use the SUBSTITUTE function to substitute new_text for old_text in a text string.
The SUBSTITUTE function replaces old text within a text string with new text. The text can be
in the formula or used as a cell reference. The examples in Figure 12.11 demonstrate that the
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