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SUBSTITUTE function in the first example uses complete cell referencing from one cell to
another. The second example gives a mix of cell referencing and text directly in the formula.
For the formula =SUBSTITUTE(“Melrose”,C11,”Farming”) , where Cll equals Melrose, the
result is Farming.
This is the text or text in a cell you want to substitute.
This is the text you want to replace.
This is the new text to replace the old text with.
This is the number of instances you want to replace the old text
with. For example, if you want to replace ever y occurrence of old
text, use “][“. If replacing just one occurrence, use 1.
Figure 12.11
function replaces one
text string or cell for
one name… B
…for another name.
T T returns the text referred to by VALUE .
The T function is provided for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs. Microsoft Excel
automatically converts values as necessar y. For example, the formula =T(“Bob”) would result
in Bob.
The value is the text or value using a cell reference you want to test. If
value is a number, T returns nothing or empty text.
TEX The TEXT function converts a value to text in a specific number format.
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