Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Use the VALUE function to convert a text string that represents a number to a number.
The VALUE function is not generally needed because Excel automatically converts text to
numbers as necessar y and was provided for other spreadsheet compatibility issues.
This is the text in quotes or referred to in a cell reference that you want to
change to a value. If it’s in the form of $11.00 for example, VALUE would
convert it to 11.
YEN The YEN function converts a number to text in Yen. The number is in the format of text.
The difference between using a number format from the format cells dialog box and the YEN
function is the YEN function converts a cell to text. This makes the cell inoperable. You cannot
add up cells that are converted to text. I would suggest using the Format Cells dialog box as
opposed to the YEN function.
This is the number in quotes you want to convert to text in Yen.
This is the number of decimal places you want to include to the right of
the decimal.
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