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CHAPTER 2 Managing Your Business with Functions
Managing Your Business with
An Overview
This chapter is specifically designed to breakout certain functions and apply
those functions to ever yday business. Although daily business may differ from
individual to individual (and business to business), you’ll find problems and
situations common to most ever yone. From creating forms for standardization, to
presenting information graphically, and managing and viewing data quickly and
efficiently, these are problems many face in day to day business activities. In
addition to explanations of specific functions for lookup and reference, finances,
and so on, the following topics are discussed in this chapter.
Activity Ratios
P&L—Direct Contribution
Applying a Named Range to
Producing a Line Item Milestone
Management Chart
Automating Projected Cash
Profitability Ratios
Ramping Up Production on a
SingleLine Item
Averaging Positive Numbers
Only in a Range
Rate Exchange Tables
Building Custom Functions
Resource Pools
Cascading Schedules
Reverse Schedules
Channel Velocity
Sell In Versus Sell Through
Counting Unique Items in a
Summing the Total Velocity
Transposing Tables with Formulas
(without Absolute Referencing)
Coverage Ratios
International Rate Converters
Using the EUROCONVERT Formula
Liquidity Ratios
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