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When creating a cascading schedule with ease, there are a couple of key elements. To create
a cascading schedule follow these steps.
1. Sort the list or database by date in ascending order.
2. Select the product range and do not include the heading.
3. From the Data menu choose Filter then Advanced Filter.
4. Click No when Excel asks whether you want to include the row above the selection.
5. Select the option that shows Unique records only as shown in Figure 2.9.
6. Click OK.
7. Copy the unique records. Use the Select Visible Cells button found in the Commands
tab of the Tools, Customize menu. See Figure 2.10. From categories choose Edit,
under Commands select and drag the feature to the toolbar.
Figure 2.9
To create the cascading
schedule, sort the list
by ascending date,
then filter the records
by unique records only,
giving you the
cascading effect by order of
Figure 2.10
Select and copy visible
cells only.
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