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8. Paste the copied visible cells to a new location. This creates the foundation for the
cascading schedule. Now that the order of occurrence is sorted by date, all you have to
do is create the same conditional SUM formula shown previously in Figure 2.7. However,
be sure the absolute referencing is as follows so you can create the formula once and
drag it the length of your table. Notice the formula with absolute referencing in place in
the formula bar in Figure 2.11.
Figure 2.11
SCHEDULES helps you
visualize your channel
sell in.
Reverse Schedules
Now that you’ve created a sell-in cascading schedule, you can easily create a reverse sell-through
schedule that reflects the units sold through in order of occurrence. The key here is creating a
channel entr y number. Notice the channel entr y number in Column B in Figure 2.12. All you have
to do is sort the table by entr y number in ascending or descending order. Because the formula is
setup with the proper cell referencing, it always reflects the dates and products referenced.
Figure 2.12
Creating a REVERSE
SCHEDULE reflecting
sell through.
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