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Summing the Total Velocity
Now use the velocity formula as shown in Figure 2.13 that reflects total percentage of sales
for the month. Generally referred to as POS (Point of Sale).
Figure 2.13
Insert the velocity
between the schedules
and divide the sold
through number by the
projected units sold in
Automating Projected Cash Flows
Whether you’re in business, finance, accounting, marketing, or production, at some point
you’re going to have to forecast project cash flows, units created, and so on. Here’s an IF AND
formula that moves units, people, or money over time. Notice the formula in Figure 2.14,
=IF(AND(M$5>=$G6,N$5<=$H6),$F6,””) . The formula basically says, if the corresponding
week is greater than or equal to the start date and the next week is less than or equal to the
stop date, then return the weekly cost in cell F6. In this example, conditional formatting is
used to block off the timeline into boxes. (The example is also on the CD accompanying this
book.) As you change the quantity, weeks, rates, or start date, the timeline automatically
moves to correspond with your changes.
Figure 2.14
Create automated
timelines and cash flows
with the combination of
IF and AND.
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