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Select a cell or destination where you want the transposed table to be placed. Under the Edit
menu choose Paste Special. From the Paste Special dialog box select Transpose. Now select
the transposed formula cells as shown in Figure 2.17.
Figure 2.17
Select the formula cells
in the transposed table
to replace the < sign
back to = .
From the Edit menu, select Replace. Under Find what type < . Under Replace with type .
The transposed table now reflects the original referencing without using absolute as shown
in Figure 2.18.
Figure 2.18
The result of replacing
the < sign with the =
sign reactivates the
formula with the
same referencing.
Averaging Positive Numbers Only in a Range
You’ll often run into situations in which you’ll have a range of numbers that you want to
average. However, there will inevitably be times when not all the numbers are going to be
positive. In that case, including the nonpositive numbers generates an inaccurate description of
the average. What if you sell products globally and you have regions that sometimes select
the product and other times they don’t because it’s not relevant to their culture?
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