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When regions aren’t able to sell the product, you would only want the average of the positive
cells rather than an average that includes regions that have not selected it. Using the SUM , IF ,
and COUNTIF functions in the form of an array will average just the positive cells. Notice the
example in Figure 2.19.
Figure 2.19
Average only positive
cells for a more
accurate average.
International Rate Converters
If you have to deal with international currency rates from countries around the world, it’s good
practice to build currency converter tables. You can create a database for each countr y or a
database combining the countries and then extracting the countr y and currency and applying
the rate against a US dollar table. The example in Figure 2.20 illustrates three countries with a
fictitious currency rate along with the formula in the converter table to convert all currencies
into US dollars.
The new Euro symbol first appeared in Excel 2000. It is unavailable in previous Excel
Figure 2.20
Use international
currency converter
tables to convert
international dollars
to US dollars.
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