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Establish the VLOOKUP formula as shown in Figure 2.26 to refer to the name on the Resource
Pool Gantt chart worksheet: =VLOOKUP(C7,’RATE SHEET’!$C$6:$K$19,7,0) . Where C7 refers
to the employee in column C, the RATE SHEET range is C6:K19 and 7 is the seventh column
over in the range.
Figure 2.26
Establish VLOOKUP to
lookup the employee
Create the IF and AND dynamic Gantt chart formula =(IF(AND(J$6>=$F7,J$6<$H7),$G7,””)
as shown in Figure 2.27.
Figure 2.27
The dynamic Gantt
chart formula will
move and manage the
percentage utilization
over time.
Use the SUBTOTAL function above each week as shown in Figure 2.28. Now, when you apply
filters above the names, you can pull up individual names and see their total resource allocation.
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