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Now, how do you return a conditional format that would highlight each result that’s returned
in a line item? Because conditional formats are limited to three conditions, you’ll want to
select the line range and from the conditional formatting dialog box, set the condition 1 to
Cell Value Is – greater than - =”=” and then set the format as shown in Figure 2.32.
This will highlight any cell that has a return result in the line item. You also can refer to the
CD to review the structure of this table and formula.
Figure 2.31
Use the nested IF–AND
function to return
multiple results on
a single line item.
Figure 2.32
Set the conditional
formatting to return
any result that occurs
on a line item.
Ramping Up Production on a Single-Line Item
Quite often in the production world you’ll have to move into production mode and the result is
that it takes a few weeks before production is running smoothly at 100%. In this case, you’ll
have to ramp up the production. Here’s a formula that ramps the production after 21 days by
25% in week 4, 50% in week 5, and 75% in week 6, before reaching 100% or full capacity. The
formula is shown in Figure 2.33.
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