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Database range
Figure 3.7
The DSUM function
sums up all numbers
that fall within the
specified criteria, in
this case, it sums up
all car sales greater
than 1995 and less
than 2000 (after the
year 1995).
The criteria to
include on the list
Field referenced as text
DVA DVAR estimates the variance of a sample population, based on the values that meet the specified
The DVAR function provides the variance of a sample population. For this particular function’s
syntax, the database is the cell reference range or named range of the database; and the field is
referenced as the column number from left to right. The criteria is a range that is referenced;
and the function operates from the parameters set. The estimated variance of the sample
database in Figure 3.8 shows the estimated variance in the Western regions. Notice how using the
wildcard symbol allows you to extract variance against all Western regions from West,
Southwest, Midwest, and Northwest. The wildcard symbol extracts all regions in the Western
hemisphere. The result for the year 2000 Western hemisphere is $1,059,002.
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