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DAT DATE returns the DATE serial number.
The DATE function returns the date value of a given year, month, and day. Excel automatically
formats this function in a date format, however, the date format is really a serial number that
starts from the time 12:00 AM on Januar y 1, 1900, and is formatted in the format of a date.
Use the date function to convert serial numbers to dates or in conjunction with other formulas.
Notice the examples in Figure 4.1.
The serial number in Windows operating systems that falls between 1900
and the year 9999. For Macintosh, the number is 1904 to 9999.
The serial number representing the month of the year from 1 to 12. If
greater than 12, it adds that number to the first month in the year specified.
The serial number representing the day of the month. If that number is
greater than 31, it adds the number of days to the first day in the month.
Figure 4.1
The DATE function
returns the serial
number of the year,
month, and day,
automatically converting the
serial number to a
DATEVALUE converts date text to a DATEVALUE serial number.
The DATEVALUE function returns the function’s serial number value from a text date. For
example, the date value of the year 2000 would be: =DATEVALUE(“1/1/2000”) and the result would
equal 36526 (days since 12:00 AM, Januar y 1, 1900). The date value of Windows date systems
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