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is any date from 1/1/1900 to 12/31/9999. The date value of Macintosh systems is any date
from 1/1/1904 to 12/31/9999. If you want Excel to calculate based on a starting date of 12:00
AM, Januar y 1, 1904, in the O ptions dialog box from the T ools menu, change the date system
of an Excel for Windows system to the 1904 d ate system in the calculation tab.
The date value in the form of a serial number starting with the
Windows date system number of 12:00 AM, Januar y 1, 1900 to
12:00 PM, December 31, 9999.
DAY DAY returns the corresponding day of the month serial number from 1 to 31.
The DAY function can be used with a text reference of dates or used with a cell reference of
days. Notice the two examples in Figure 4.2. The formula in cell B6 equals 1 because it is the
first day of the month, and the formula in cell B9 equals 31 because it is the last day of the
month. Any fictitious date that falls outside the range of 1 to 31 will default to 1 as shown in
cell B10 for “Jan 45.” You can also use the formula with cell referencing. The formula to the
right in cell F6 references the date in E6 and returns the value of 1.
The serial number is the date time code used by Microsoft Excel.
You specify the serial number as text and Excel will automatically
convert the serial number text to the day value.
Used as cell
referencing to
a date
Figure 4.2
The DAY function
returns the day serial
number between 1
and 31 representing
the day of the month.
First day of
the month
Last day of
the month
Default number of a day that doesn’t exist
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