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MONTH returns the corresponding serial number of the month between 1 and 12.
The MONTH function operates off the serial number or day of the year. For example, 1 equals
the first day of the year and falls in Januar y. You can use the MONTH formula with the serial
number in parenthesis or as a cell reference. For example, the first example in Figure 4.6
shows the formula as =MONTH(C5) and returns 1 as the result of the first day of the year and
falls in Januar y. The second example in cell D10 uses the serial number and returns the result
of 10. The 300th day of the year falls in October. The last example is used in the form of an
array and sums up all costs in the month of Februar y. The MONTH function combined with the
SUM function can be a powerful tool when managing lists of information. See also, YEAR .
The serial number is a number between 1 and 12 that
represents a month in a year. The serial number can be
extracted from text in quotes or as a cell reference.
With cell reference
Figure 4.6
The MONTH function
returns the month
serial number based
on the day of the year.
Serial number
directly in function
Month number
Month range
Combined with the SUM
function to look up costs
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