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menu, you can change the date system of an Excel for Windows system to the 1904 d ate
system found on the calcualtion tab. The year value of =YEAR(“1/1/2000”) results in 2000.
The serial number of =YEAR(0.007) results in 1900, if you’re using the 1904 date system, the
the same year value of =YEAR(0.007) results in 1904.
The serial number is the date time code used by Microsoft
Excel. You can specify the serial number as text and Excel will
automatically convert the serial number text to the year value,
or you can apply the year value.
YEARFRAC calculates the fraction of the year between two dates.
The YEARFRAC function is found in the Analysis Toolpak. If you don’t see the YEARFRAC
function, you must first install the Analysis Toolpak and then enable the Toolpak under Add-Ins
from the Tools menu. The YEARFRAC functions is primarily used when your looking for an
entire year’s benefits or obligations to assign to a term.
The start date.
The end date.
The type of day count basis to use. 0=Or omitted
US(NASD)30/360, 1=Actual/actual, 2=Actual/360,
3=Actual/365, 4=European 30/360.
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