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The n-th order modified BESSEL function of the variable x is
where Jn and Yn are the J and Y BESSEL functions.
Figure 5.3
The BESSELK function
returns the modified
BESSEL function for
imaginary arguments.
The BESSELY function returns the BESSEL function, also known as the Weber or Neumann
function. X is the value at which to evaluate the function. N is the order of the function.
The BESSELY function is found only if the Analysis Toolpak is installed. In addition it must be
turned on in the Add-Ins from the Tools menu. Both X and N must be numeric and greater
than zero. Notice the example in Figure 5.4.
The value to evaluate the function.
The order of the BESSEL function. Truncated if not an integer.
The n-th order BESSEL function of the variable x is
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